How to add a Custom Theme Logo in WordPress

I’m writing this after I realized that the Codex only gives you half the steps and not really in that great of detail for people new to WordPress.

This is what the Codex gives you:

Step 1:

Open your function.php file in your theme folder and locate this line:

Replace it with this:

This gives the logo a set width and height, which you can change, it also states that the width and height can be flexible based on the actual image file so that you don’t get a warped image.

Step 2:

Open the file where you want the theme logo to appear and add this code:

But you need to change it a little… which the Codex leaves out

That’s all the CodeX tells you.

But where do you upload the actual file? If you haven’t updated this in a theme before and/or new to making themes it isn’t really obvious.

Step 3:

3.a Go to your wp-admin, go to Appearances, and then Customize.

3.b Click on Site Identity

3.c Upload/Change the logo (this is also where you can can upload a favicon — Site Icon)

Step 4:

Click on the Save & Publish button in the top of the side bar.

Step 5:

Refresh the page and there it is!

Okay bye!

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