When you work for a company that sells things, you’re going to end up building landing pages that have sale prices or bonus points that are based on a date range.

At first, we were coding and scheduling separate code blocks based on the dates. But! I was able to figure out javascript to grab the date and show the sale item or not.

Here is an example of grabbing the date and the month, and then showing a different headline if the current date is between the 12 and the 17th of February.

Let's work through this code:

I’ve included screenshots of the results…

Thursday was my birthday and it was very different than my birthdays before. I’ve been able to have some great birthdays over the last 34 years. When I was seven my mom got me my first cat, it was also the year that my school crush was the only boy to show to my birthday party. I had birthdays are Wheelies (the local rolling skating rink). I almost got a pie in the face for my 16th birthday, but thankfully ducked out of the way. I turned 29 while flying over the Atlantic Ocean and celebrated with new friends in…

(The Canadian by Via Rail)

Standing on the platform in Jasper, AB
Standing on the platform in Jasper, AB

In the summer of 2019 I took the VIA Rail train from Vancouver to Toronto, also known as The Canadian. After flying to Vancouver I spent a couple hours in the Museum of Vancouver and walking along False Creek. I then headed to the train station to hop on the VIA and head back to Toronto.

Before I packed for my flight, I read a few articles on what to expect on the trip. Below is a list of eight things I wish I had known before packing.

1. Showering

The VIA train offers you a shower…

(this post was originally written 4 years ago but never published)

After a couple days of random melt downs due mainly to shock and lack of understanding, I decided that I was done with it. I had to move on. I couldn’t let something that I can’t control or change get me down any more.

I’m an optimist.

An optimist is a person with a positive outlook on life

I had to redirect my time and energy to being happy with what I could. My friends. My new job (I get to modify wordpress themes!!). Songs by my favourite artists…

We build marketing landing pages for hot topic books and these landing pages can appear in different countries; sometimes it’s just CA and US, other times AU, NZ, and UK as well, and the fun fact about that is the book price is never the same. Sometimes the book cover is different as well. This used to mean creating a landing page code snippet for each country with the different information, it was time consuming and had a small chance for errors.

Then I got bored of having to do that and figured there had to be a better way…

Menus; index, this, siblings

I’m obsessed with this, now that I understand how to better use it to my advantage.

I’m even more obsessed with using it with it’s siblings. I wrote a blog post the first time I tried this and siblings on my portfolio website, here, but I’m back with an update on how I took what was 10 lines of code x how many authors we were adding to a landing page, currently the code was sitting at 30 lines and soon another author was going to be added, 40 lines.

I was then given another project that wanted to use…

That’s my skills section on my website. I like it but I wanted to add some hover effects to it, and yes I know I can do this in CSS but I wanted the colours to blend from one to another to a third. I also wanted the titles for the icons to show on hover. And I wanted to work on my JavaScript skills, while trying to learn something new.

So I wrote this bit of code so when someone hovers on the i tag to change the colour to my gold, and show the icon text, which starts…

I’m writing this after I realized that the Codex only gives you half the steps and not really in that great of detail for people new to WordPress.

This is what the Codex gives you:

Step 1:

Open your function.php file in your theme folder and locate this line:

add_theme_support( 'custom-logo' );

Replace it with this:

add_theme_support( 'custom-logo', array(
'height' => 100,
'width' => 400,
'flex-height' => true,
'flex-width' => true,
'header-text' => array( 'site-title', 'site-description' ),
) );

This gives the logo a set width and height, which you can change, it also states that the width and height can be…

Last week, on Wednesday, we hit the half way point for the bootcamp. We also started working with APIs. And continued working with JavaScript.

For my project, I wanted to use the LCBO API to sort out what beer people should take camping based on the chocolate type. But I ran into a couple issues with lagers begin returned the most, they take up about 80% of the results on the first page. …

It’s Saturday morning and I am playing Flexbox Froggy at HackerYou, sitting with two other students. I am stuck on the last level, which is proving that I am still not fully understanding flexbox. I want to go back to floats.

Theoretically flexbox is supposed to be better than floats, and I really like not having to remember to clearfix and clear things.

I’ve learned one of my biggest issues is forgetting to save my files. …

Hi! I’m Erika!

Web developer. Twitch Affiliate (erikainglasses). Youtuber. Olympic lifter. I write about code and streamer.

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